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Model: KM3000
Card StarThis is a classic piece of apparatus from several decades ago.Five cards are selected by members of the audience, and re-shuffled into the pa..
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Model: KM2990
Cube To Ball TransformationA wonderful transformation of a Cube to a Ball.  The performer displays an attractive cover on a base and a scrambled ..
Ex Tax:₹1,500.00
Model: KM2986
Thumb Tip Card Silk Set (8D & AS)This is a pair of miniature (about 8″ square) fine quality Silks, one with a picture of a blank card, and one of ..
Ex Tax:₹175.00
Model: KM2984
Thumb Tip Card Silk Set – QH Or KCWe had introduced these thumb tip silks a few months ago, and they have proved very popular with performers. We rece..
Ex Tax:₹175.00
Model: KM2980
THUMB TIP STREAMER - Small 1 x 36 InchThese fine silk streamers (about 1″ thick, and 36" long) make an ideal production from the bare hands, or a..
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Model: KM2962
Flying RhinestonesEffect : The performer displays a Die with Rhinestones for the Spots and a small stick (which you refer to as your mini Magic Wand)...
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Model: KM2950
Cig Cutta – BrassThis is one of the finest precision close up effects crafted in solid brass.In effect performer displays a solid brass tube large eno..
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Model: KM2949
Himber Plus Add A Number WalletThis is a handy pocket size switch wallet (3” x 5” in size) in real leather, with a double use feature.It will permit y..
Ex Tax:₹499.00
Model: KM2933
Silk To Rose PlusThis is a colorful visual effect that combines some popular magic effects in an appealing routine.Performer displays a barren rose st..
Ex Tax:₹350.00
Model: KM2902
Multichange DiceMagician displays a large, vibrant red die with all six sides on full display. He places the die on a revolving pedestal, covers it an..
Ex Tax:₹6,000.00
Model: KM2900
Magical HandkerchiefThe magician shows a handkerchief and places an Lemon at the center of the handkerchief.Now magician pulls the handkerchief… In th..
Ex Tax:₹500.00
Model: KM2899
Reviving Newspaper by FujiwaraTorn newspaper magically and smoothly revives!Fujiwara did it again!Even though Magnet, wire, or any additional gimmick ..
Ex Tax:₹1,700.00
Model: KM2873
Gift Box ProductionThe performer displays an empty bag. The audience can look right into this, and see it is completely empty..There is even a window ..
Ex Tax:₹750.00
Model: KM2867
Color Changing Wreaths - Feather ModelEffect : The Magician displays three White Wreaths and three different colored Ribbons.One of the White Wreaths ..
Ex Tax:₹675.00
Model: KM2840
Wrap changes by Zoen's video DOWNLOADAn impossible changing card while the deck is wrapped in a rubber band!No magnetsNo threadsWorks with ordinary ru..
Ex Tax:₹575.00
Model: KM2833
Milk Jug - LargeThe Milk Jug is one of the most useful magic props for use with liquid tricks. It allows you to visibly pour liquid out of the Ju..
Ex Tax:₹2,500.00
Model: KM2823
Production Cake For Chick PanMagician displays an empty pan . He then mimes the process of adding the finest ingredients for a delectable cake.The pan..
Ex Tax:₹650.00
Model: KM2811
SHARPLIGHT by Bobonaro video DOWNLOADA a prediction is revealed with a bright light from inside your sharpie!The magician has a deck of cards and the ..
Ex Tax:₹1,199.00
Model: KM2797
Elusive QueenA very effective 3 card effect, where a Queen vanishes from a set of three cards.The performer displays a spread of three cards – two Fiv..
Ex Tax:₹55.00
Model: KM2760
Quad Forecast - WOOD AND PLEXI 4-WAY PREDICTIONThis is a clever Quadruple prediction effect, working on a similar one “behind principle” to the Mental..
Ex Tax:₹1,550.00